STORY_N_Required skills for future engineering

On March 7, 2016 Assoc.Prof.Anek Siripanichakorn was interviewed by Mr. Wasin Rungnithiphaibun, Ms. Benjaporn Ngamkitcharoenlap and Ms. Kiatrada Thammakumpee in topic of required skills for future engineering.

Assoc.Prof.Anek said future engineering must have critical thinking, multidisciplinary, networking, technology literacy and internationalization that will increase engineering competency and get more oppertunities in engineering career. Moreover, Assoc.Prof.Anek added interactive learning will help the student know to learning by himself that is a reason to answer the question “Why we should change from lecture-based learning ?”

Skill that will effective if they always practice it. If they were implanted to think, they can think more in the future.