STORY_N_ITCE Alumni Brainstorming workshop

On 9th July 2016, ITCE program organize the brainstorming workshop by inviting ITCE Alumni focus froup for discussion on Program Learning Outcomes (PLO). The objective of the workshop is to obtain the feedback from alumni who graduated from the ITCE program in the last few years and have a short exposure to the different working environments. There were 16 alumni participating in the workshop. Firstly the alumni were requested to fill a questionnaire for their opinion on the ITCE program. The alumni participants were then divided into two groups based on their jobs; i.e., a group of design engineers and a group of site engineers. Each group of alumni was then requested to express their opinions on the following questions in stepwise manner. The first question was “If you have a chance for position promotion, are you ready for that?” The second question was “Why do you think you are ready (or not ready) for the promotion, what are the skills/qualifications that you think you have (or don’t have) for the promotion” The last question was “When you are a boss and want to recruit newly graduated engineers to join your team, do you give more important to “technical skill” or “communication skill?”. The alumni responses to these questions were compiled and collected to the improvement of the ITCE curriculum and PLO in very near future.